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White Owl 2/0.99 F.P. Silver 30/2pk


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White Owl Silver Cigarillos are made from a blend of carefully selected tobaccos from five exotic countries. This diverse filler is rolled in a sheet binder and wrapped in a homogenized wrapper which add an even tone to the tobacco blend. These cigarillos have a concentration of pure tobacco with no flavor added. The cigars are enclosed in foil pouches that keep these cigars as fresh as the day they were machine-rolled and sealed.

You can buy two of these White Owl cigarillos for 99 cents. This offer gets you 30 pouches with a pair of these cigarillos each. White Owl cigars are classic cigars, dating back to the nineteenth century. Theses smoking products are now manufactured by Swedish Match and supplied across the US for your enjoyment. These cigarillos have a ring gauge of 28 and a length of 4 ⅝ inches.


White Owl


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