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White Owl 2/0.99 F.P. Mango 30/2pk


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White Owl Mango Cigarillos are one of the most popular machine-made cigars in the United States. This box of sixty will delight your senses while being easy on your pocketbook. Natural binders and wrappers enclose the filler and give the cigars a slow and steady burn. The blended tobaccos are from five different countries and have been infused with a wonderful mango flavor. These mango cigarillos come in sets of 30 pouches that contain two cigars each. The pouches ensure that the freshness and flavor of each cigar are well preserved.

The cigars measure 4 5/8 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28. White Owls are manufactured in Dothan, Alabama. The first cigar under this brand was made in 1887 and since then the company has been famous for making reasonably-priced premium cigars. The sweet and fruity flavor of these mango cigars will certainly put a smile on your face.


White Owl


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