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White Owl 2/0.99 F.P. Blackberry Mojito 30/2pk

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White Owl Black cigars are some of the most popular cigarillos sold in America. They are known for their great taste and flavor. They are composed of a high quality tobacco filler which gives you a delightful taste and a soothing aroma. These cigars are made of sheet-type wrapper and binder that leave a lasting aftertaste after every smoke. These cigars are best for a post-dinner smoke with family and friends. The cigars have a fine draw and are well balanced in strength and aroma. The mild-bodied and smooth flavor offered at a fantastically low price make for an irresistible deal for all tobacco connoisseurs.

They are packaged in sets of 30 foil pouches of 2 machine-made cigars. The foil pouches retain the freshness of every cigar and keep mold at bay. They are manufactured in Dothan, Alabama by Swedish Match and come in lengths of 4 ⅝ inches with a ring gauge of 29, making them the perfect size for portable treats.


White Owl


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