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Cannabidiol is one non-psychoactive Cannabis compound, currently believed to be a food supplement that can help you support your well-being.

The primary difference between this product and other vapour liquids is that Pure CBD E-Liquid does not provide the body with nicotine, but rather the essential oils that are naturally found in hemp.

These oils can have a natural calming effect and are completely natural, with no addictive qualities that you would find in nicotine.

Vaping is considered to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to consume CBD. Our CBD oils don’t contain Nicotine, Tar or tobacco.

Our Cannapresso CBD oils are manufactured in the USA and they ensure high pharmaceutical standards. Each bottle has a child-proof lid and it’s easy to use, in order to fill your tank with the chosen e-liquid.


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Vape Strawberry 300mg CBD
Vape Strawberry 300mg CBD