TW Spoons 51ct

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TW Spoons 51ct


  • Package Content: 51ct Tea Spoon (Spoon Length – 14 cm).
  • It does not break, crack, stick or melt even after years of heavy use.
  • Good quality plastic is extremely durable :: Rustproof.
  • Great for parties, barbecues, and catered events.
  • It is not react to food. Elegant and innovative design. Long term valuable product.
Sku: 616856210045

Made of PLA Plastic: The utensil is made of poly(lactic acid) or PLA, a plant-based plastic that’s both sustainable and renewable. The utensil offers a comfortable design and reliable performance.

Heavy Weight: The plastic knife works well for heavier or denser foods like raw fruits, fibrous vegetables, meat, and more.

Versatile: The plastic utensil comes in handy for catered events, self-serve buffets, garden parties, and backyard barbecues.

Commercially Compostable: A great alternative to traditional plastic, the disposable PLA utensil offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup, yet it can be composted in a commercial facility (appropriate facilities may not exist in your area)


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3 reviews for TW Spoons 51ct

  1. Alph

    This is a nice party-sized set of cutlery that is so different than your usual plastic!

  2. Nanny

    The spoons and forks are a nice change from their silver counterparts.

  3. Smart Boy

    These are great. They work well. They’re sturdy and they worked on a full Thanksgiving meal.

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Tw Spoons 51ct
TW Spoons 51ct