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Tree Air Freshener Supernova 24ct

  • Tree Air Freshener Supernova 24ct
  • Designed for hanging in vehicle interiors
  • Sharp musk and florals over a bright bergamot base aroma
  • Perfect for point-of-sale display
  • Individually carded for resale
  • Made in the USA
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Tree Air Freshener Supernova 24ct, Package of 24 individually-carded Little Trees air fresheners, in the bright, explosive, ethereal Supernova aroma. Designed to hang from the interior rearview mirror. Individual carded packaging for sale from shelves and display trees. Combining bursts of bright bergamot with notes of dark berry, ozonic florals, and musk, the Little Trees Supernova air fresheners offer an explosive, out-of-this world aroma! Printed with the aurora of an exploding star, it is an eye-catching air freshener. This vendor-friendly bulk pack contains 24 of the distinct Little Trees air fresheners, each packaged in individually-carded packs for resale from shelving or point-of-purchase display.


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