Topo Chico Mineral Water


Topo Chico Mineral Water


  • Multi-Pack Water
  • Zero Sugar Water
  • Filtered Water
  • Natural Bottled Water


Sku: 21136090031

Topo Chico sparkling mineral water has 0 calories, 0 gram of sugar and 0 gram of fat. This sparkling water comes in a box of twelve 12 fl oz bottles. Every bottle contains one serving of water with 2% of the daily value of calcium and 1% of the daily value of sodium, based on a 2000 calorie diet. Each serving contains mineral water and carbon dioxide.


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3 reviews for Topo Chico Mineral Water

  1. huracan

    If you told me I would enjoy water from Mexico, after hearing many times that if you go there “don’t drink the water”, I would think you’d gone batty. But this water is just so good. I got unto this after I saw Dr. Peter Attia (google him) drinking it in one of his podcasts. I buy a twelve pack and pop it in the fridge. It is fantastically refreshing. Sometimes I put a little lime juice in it, omg.

  2. Sandy

    For the first time in your life you will be advised to drink the Mexican water!

  3. Jake McCain

    My daughter recently moved from Nimbus, CL., and is very excited to see me when I stop by with a case of her delicious Topo Chico

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Topo Chico Mineral Water
Topo Chico Mineral Water