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Tic Tik Rainbow Magnets 5.0

  • Tic Tik Rainbow Magnets
  • The magnetic can be combined into an infinite geometry freely.
  •  Magnet toys occupy your mind and hands to train your brain and relieve stress.
  • One of the important functions of the magnetic sticks is to release the pressure.
  •  Improve your spatial imagination, logical reasoning ability and manipulative ability.
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This Tic Tik Rainbow Magnets is a nice little addition to your desk, if you enjoy keeping your hands busy while thinking or just while reading. Laying it to releases the stress out of you and get the entertainment when you are busy at work with a large stress. In order to use these zingers, place one in each hand, and toss them both upwards, and at each other. If they are close enough, they will attract each other and produce a loud rattling sound and spin in the air. The ideal method to produce sound is with a high arcing trajectory so that they graze against each other. If they collide too hard they will bounce off of each other.


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