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The Head Banger Vaporizer

(2 customer reviews)


The Head Banger Vaporizer


  • Portable Concentrate Vaporizer with Dual Heating Methods.
  • Dip or Dab Options for Stealthy Travel or Powerful At Home Use.
  • 100% Authentic Airistech Brand Guaranteed.
  • Advanced Q-Cell Technology: Fritted Glass Quartz for Increased Surface Area/Absorption.
  • Delivers Increased Vapor and Improved Flavor Quality.
  • Premium Glass Water Bubbler Attachment Filters Vapor.
  • Magnetic Atomizer Cover for Quick Access.
The Airistech Headbanger is a compact dual-function vaporizer for waxy concentrates that offers two advanced heating methods (Dip or Dab) each with a patented Q-cell fritted quartz atomizer.
Each of the two unique coils in this kit offers their own method of vaping. Whether you are looking to take huge rips or keep it quick and discreet, the Headbanger vaporizer has you covered.
For stealthy portable use you have the Q1 Dip Atomizer. This option is extremely easy to use, taking very little preparation if any at all. Power the device on, dip the fritted quartz coil into your oils and press the power button to begin heating.
Airistech even includes a removable quartz glass container for your concentrates that attaches inside the Headbanger’s magnetic cap. This makes dipping on the go as convenient as can be, you remove the cap, enjoy your concentrates and pack it all back up in moments without having to waste time messing around with separate extra storage containers and accessories.
When you don’t necessarily need to be discreet, the Headbanger is ready to accommodate with a powerful fritted glass quartz bucket. This deep and quick heating chamber allows you to pack in enough waxy oil for massive rips in just seconds.
The cutting-edge fritted glass quartz surface promotes greater absorption compared to traditional quartz glass elements, resulting in thicker vapor and an entirely new level of flavor.


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2 reviews for The Head Banger Vaporizer

  1. Jordan

    Big fan, I use it for CBD. Simple to refill

  2. Hussain

    I was extremely pleased with actually being able to find this item in stock! And the price was great and shipping was fast. Couldn’t be happier!

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