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Teaza Peppermint Herbal Energy Pouches 10pcs

  • Non Tobacco dip alternative to dipping energy supplement or chewing smokeless tobacco
  • Smooth energy with no crash, curb cravings for snacks and tobacco products
  • Teaza Peppermint Herbal Energy  have Natural ingredients and is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Free
  • Choose from these variety of flavors – Peppermint, Bangin’ Black Cherry, Cool Mint Chill & Wintergreen Chill

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Teaza Peppermint Herbal Energy is not your average nutritional supplement. That’s because it has multiple uses. It can replace energy drinks, breath mints, gum, water flavor enhancers, cigarettes, snacks and more!

TeaZa is a multi-purpose nutritional energy supplement that uses powerful tea cut herbs and vitamins packed into a biodegradable pouch to be “dipped” (placed between lip and gum) or seeped in water for a flavorful stimulating experience. TeaZa delivers smooth energy and mental focus with no crash, while also providing oral stimulation to curb cravings from snacks.

Make your mouth happy by placing TeaZa between your lip and gum for hours of flavor. If you don’t want to dip, you can sip TeaZa by placing a pouch in a bottle of water for a smooth energy tea—no steeping required.

Each powerful TeaZa pouch is sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, contains no calories, and is packed with the herbs and vitamins listed below. To explore the benefits of each herb and vitamin, and for a complete list of ingredients specific to flavor, check out The Science Behind TeaZa.


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