Swisher Sweets Mango


  • Cigar Size: 4 3/8 x 28 1/2 (Cigarillo)
  • Cigar Quantity: 30 pouches of 2
  • Cigar Wrapper: Natural
  • Cigar Strength: Strength Mild
Sku: 25900445928

Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Mango feature a premium tobacco blend that you have come to expect from the classic brand infused with the essence of mangoes. The resealable foil pouches make these the perfect smokes to take anywhere you go while preserving the delicious flavor and retaining the natural moisture. Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Mango are as delicious as they are aromatic, great for a refreshing break any time of day.


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Swisher Sweets Mango