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Super Yoyo

  • Super Yoyo
  • Features a built-in light
  • Comes with the image of Power Rangers MegaForce
  • Perfect for mastering basic yo-yo skills
  • Relaxes the mind 
  • Easy to carry anywhere
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This is the perfect Super Yoyo for newbies to practice advanced moves and is useful for the advanced players to fine-tune their yoyoing skills. The highly precise die-cast metal body is crafted for the perfect balance and offers a great throw. The game is all about controlling the yo-yo, which is a round disc with a loop of thread. The toy has to be carefully controlled while it is spinning and hanging down from one’s hand. The yo-yo is something that any child can pursue wherever or whenever he wants. Since it is a small toy, children can easily carry it around with them and practise it at will.


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