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Super Booster Cable 150amp

(3 customer reviews)


Super Booster Cable 150amp


  • 10 ft, 150 amp, 10 gauges.
  • Color Coordinated Clamps.
  • Variation in Amp / Gauge / Length.
  • Free Travel Bag Included!!
  • Uniquely made.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold – Take Your Cables with You

When the temps plunge, you want your vehicle to be in top running condition.

While you can’t take a mechanic on the road, you can be sure to avoid the rare emergency by keeping jumper cables in your car.

Your Temper Won’t Overheat with Jumper Cables in the Car During Summer

Car batteries tend to die in winter, but it could be due to built-up summer corrosion.

High temperatures hasten corrosion of internal plates and vaporize the electrolyte faster.


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3 reviews for Super Booster Cable 150amp

  1. Josiah

    They look to be good quality cables that will do the job I need. They’re going in the trunk anyway so I really don’t care. Fast Shipping.

  2. Aaron

    I’ve now jumped at least 10 cars with these and not a single problem. Looking for this product from long time.

  3. Stewart

    These cables have thick copper stranded cable inside. I cut these cables at one connector to make a trickle charger have a longer cable. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the clamps and the quantity of the copper in the cable.

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