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STP Octane Booster 12ct 5.25oz

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  • STP Octane Booster Restores power and acceleration.
  • This two-in-one formula boosts octane and cleans the fuel intake system.
  • Helps reduce knocking and pinging.
  • Use regularly when you fill up your tank.
  • Compatible with cap-less gas systems.

This two-in-one formula boosts octane and cleans the fuel intake system to restore lost performance. Compatible with cap-less fuel tanks. STP Octane Booster helps restore horsepower and acceleration by removing deposits and cleaning the fuel intake system.


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3 reviews for STP Octane Booster 12ct 5.25oz

  1. Gordon

    Worth for money go for it no. more vibrations gears are now smooth my CBR 150r had done 87k still powerful go for it this full bottle can use, Special thanks to Nimbus for genuine product. Seen this product on other sites but comparing with Nimbus its cheap…

  2. Eric

    The premium fuels have similar octane booster additives for which petrol pumps charge over per oz. for miniscule quality where major cost goes to tv advertisements.

  3. Annoman

    I have to admit the bike felt more responsive to throttle & I found I needed to twist the throttle only halfway and it gave me the required power.
    Recommended if you have any make/model of KTM. You can feel some change.

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