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STP Fuel Injector Carburetor Treatment 12ct

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  • Save Gas By Cleaning Dirty Fuel Injectors
  • STP Fuel Injector Carburetor Treatment Reduce Friction
  • Prevent Deposit Buildup
  • Usage Frequency: Use Regularly When You Fill Up Your Tank.
  • Treat Rate: 155 ML Of STP Fuel Injector & Carb Treatment Treats Up To 21 Gallons Of Gasoline

Fights deposit build-up and helps keep fuel injectors and carburetors clean in vehicles. Without cleaning, deposits can lead to hard starts, lost acceleration and rough idling. STP Fuel Injector & Carburetors Treatment is specially formulated to maintain clean performance of fuel injectors and carburetors by helping to prevent the accumulation of deposits. It’s made with jet fuel, a high-quality carrier of active ingredients. STP FUEL INFECTOR CLEANER & CARB TREATMENT is safe for any PETROL engines.


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3 reviews for STP Fuel Injector Carburetor Treatment 12ct

  1. Testa Morris

    Engine rhythm is irregular when you use this. Hope it is doing its cleaning job. 🙂

  2. James D.

    Engine sound reduce, RPM slowly increased, Smooth riding (RE Classic350-2016 Model)

  3. Storm

    The pack was sealed and well settled with air bag cushions inside. Fast Shipping.

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