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STP Diesel Fuel Treatment 6ct 20oz

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  • STP Diesel Fuel Treatment Save fuel by keeping injectors clean.
  • Maintain performance by preventing deposit build-up, corrosion and rust.
  • Fight fuel line freeze and wax gel formation.
  • Fight injector and pump wear by improving the lubricity of diesel fuel.
  • Specifically formulated for diesel engines.

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner: Is formulated to help prevent deposit build-up and corrosion in diesel engines. Without cleaning, deposits can harm performance and waste fuel. STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. Formed in 1954 in the United States the company has a strong history with motor racing that has allowed it to demonstrate the high quality nature of its products.


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3 reviews for STP Diesel Fuel Treatment 6ct 20oz

  1. C. Rice

    It gives me a good performance in drive as well as pick up with good mileage. It also prevents the car from making the annoying rattling sound. If I want to protect my engine from corrosion and keep the fuel clean, then I should choose a product like STP that can prevent moisture buildup inside the injector.

  2. Dylan

    I was skeptical about its effectiveness before using it but it does work…i can vouch for it….I have a diesel SUV. It was facing some slights hiccups in higher RPMs. I used it with 1 full tank of diesel and drove for about 200 Miles…cleaning done…no more hiccups and free reving…go for it…

  3. Victanque

    After putting it in diesel ,I filled Essar diesel and car runs smooth and no smoke ,sound is lesser, my car has run more than 100000 miles . It really worth buying it

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