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Starbucks Mocha Triple Shot 15oz 12ct

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  • Starbucks Mocha Triple Shot Energy Extra Strength.
  • Includes 12 (15oz) cans of Starbucks Triple Shot, Café Mocha flavor.
  • A burst of caffeine from Starbucks coffee with a hint of mocha flavor.
  • Blended with a touch of smooth, delicious cream.
  • Extra Strength- 225mg of Caffeine don’t just start your morning, power through it.
  • Best served chilled or over ice.

Only Local Pickup is available

Enjoy your favorite chilled coffee drink on the go thanks to Starbucks bottled coffee drinks. All made with real Starbucks coffee, you can enjoy the flavor of your favorite café drinks at home and on the go. The perfect late afternoon pick-me-up, this delicious cold coffee treat is great straight from the bottle or enjoyed over ice.


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3 reviews for Starbucks Mocha Triple Shot 15oz 12ct

  1. Kimbley

    It’s strong it give you that boost you need ! It has a good mocha flavor

  2. Hama

    Just recently discovered this and wow I’m loving it ! Except for the high calories/sugar/fat not exactly good for my diet. However, it was perfect for the hot afternoon pick me up I needed! Sooo good! Yummm.

  3. Sudiksha

    This is the one addiction I cannot live without !! I need this in my life all day every day

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