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Snow Brush With Handle And Ice Scraper

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  • Snow brush for quickly removing snow from vehicle surfaces.
  • Ice scraper on opposite end removes ice and frost from car or truck windows.
  • Comfortable foam grip promotes a secure hold, even when wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Lightweight and portable; stores conveniently in the back seat or trunk for easy access.
  • Measures 25 inches long for extended reach.

Quickly remove snow and ice from cars or trucks with the Snow Brush & Ice Scraper. The handy wintertime tool provides reliable performance and time-saving convenience—especially useful for freezing-cold mornings when you need to get going.

Whether it’s the frost of a frigid morning or fresh snowfall after an evening out with friends, the snow brush makes easy work of clearing windows and other car surfaces. The lightweight, portable tool provides a 25-inch length for extended reach, and it can be stored in the back seat or trunk for easy access.


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3 reviews for Snow Brush With Handle And Ice Scraper

  1. Pawan

    I need a reliable snow and ice scraper. This is cheap but works perfectly. Sturdy, effective and comfortable to use. Highly recommend!

  2. Naveen

    The perfect tool to get the job done at the right price (and can get to you quickly without you having to fight for the last one at a local retail store!)

  3. Sunil Kumar

    This is one of those things that you never remember to buy until the news has issued winter weather warnings and all your local stores are sold out of them! Nice product… Worth Buying.

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