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Snake Spray 12ct

  • There’s twice as much candy spray packed into fun Snake Spray Candies!
  • Snake Spray Candies are decorated with fun snake illustrations and filled with fruity candy spray
  • Sprays come in four delicious flavors: Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Cherry
  • Snake Spray Candy comes in four non venomous favors and each container contains 1.22 ounces and stands about 7 inches tall!
  • Combine this with one of our snake related lollipops and you are sure to have a sweet and slithering good time with the only antidote being another bottle!

With facial ranges from goofy to mildly ferocious, these dispensers are shaped like colorful snakes and capable of spraying a sweet candy liquid right into your mouth! And unlike the real reptiles, which contain scary things like neurotoxins and hemotoxins in their venom, these silly snakes are just full of delectable fruit flavors that will coat your tongue and taste buds with a mist of confectionery joy! Perfect for invertebrate-inspired events, serpentine shindigs, and all-around reptilian-themed revelry


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