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Snak Club Watermelon Rings 4oz 12ct


  • Fat free and gluten free
  • This candy comes in a resealable bag to maintain freshness.
  • our products are perfect for a party, a trip or just a quick treat or snack
  • These Snak Club Watermelon Rings are a sweet and fruity treat for any occasion.
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Snak Club Watermelon Rings are the perfect fruity and sweet treat. This bag of Watermelon Rings are made with delicious fruit flavor. Crafted with low sodium and gluten free, this treat is sure to delight your sweet tooth. Snak Club Watermelon Rings are a perfect snack for the whole family. Grab a bag of gluten free happiness today for a special treat. Snak Club has been expertly crafting seasoned nuts, candy varieties, fruit, trail and snack mix recipes since 1984.


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Snak Club


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