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Formula Shell 5W-30 6ct

(3 customer reviews)


Formula Shell Oil 5W-30 6ct


  • 30 percent faster flow for easier starting and quicker warm-up.
  • For drivers that want advanced protection for their car wherever they’re going, even in severe conditions
  • Shell Helix HX8, fully synthetic motor oil provides advanced synthetic protection in different demanding driving conditions
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  • Protection for extremely high temperatures.
  • Conventional motor oil is formulated for improved fuel economy.
  • Provides engine protection and performance required by modern engines.
  • Protection against harmful deposits and acids, which aids in a clean running and lasting engine.
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • May be used at any time in an engines life-cycle and is fully compatible with conventional engine oils.


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Formula Shell

3 reviews for Formula Shell 5W-30 6ct

  1. Pragya

    Awesome stuff, really good value, love the 5 quart jugs!!!

  2. Mayur Mittal

    Came fast! Will order again!

  3. Azhar T.

    I love changing oil and over the years, I had been seeking for a good 5w20. I have came across this and it does its job. My old car ran smoothly as if I just got it brand new.

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