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Shark Attack 12ct

  • Includes 12 – 2oz Assorted Shark Bite Candy Holder With Lollipop!
  • Features Assorted Lollipops!
  • A Wonderful Treat for Classrooms, Feild Trips, Movie Night, and More!
  • The Perfect Snack Size!
  • Squeeze the Button and the Shark Head Will Extend and Bite!

When summer rolls around, many people immediately flock to the warm, sandy beaches for some time swimming in the water or baking in the sun. Others prefer to stay away from the beach entirely, for fear of a shark attack! Regardless of where you stand on the shark spectrum, one thing is for certain: shark-inspired candies are way safer and tastier than sharks in real life! So if you have been seeking a treat that will satisfy your inner appreciation of the ocean’s most terrifying creature, then look no further than Shark Bite. With a snapping shark head, but the body of a lollipop, Shark Bite is a delicious and worry-free way to add a little bit of sharky fierceness to your candy spread!


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