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Scorch Gold 61525-7

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The fire that you choose to benefit you in your daily motion is essential. Fire, like the funding that is spent fueling it, is not to be played with. Although other lighters may seem to generate similar effects, they are simply not as functional, as efficient, or as elegant as the premium line of Scorch Torch select lighters.

Scorch Torch features robust internal and external design parameters to ensure long-lasting usability when you need it most. Features easy-to-use piezo electric ignition and convenient perks for cigar aficionados where applicable.

Whether you’re at leisuring at home or fast on-the-go in the strongest of winds, Scorch Torch will be your inextinguishable ally in the modern world.

Features Retro Style Flint Igniter Design (flint rod can be refilled/replaced)


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