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Sangria Senorial

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Sangria Senorial


  • A Novamex product. Sangria Senorial
  • Sangria Señorial is Mexico’s original Sangria flavored soft drink.
  • Non-alcoholic soft drink with Sangria-like wine and fruit flavoring
  • Sangria-flavor makes any occasion a spectacular and out-of-this world experience.

Sangria is the result of traditional Spanish ways of making and drinking wine. There is no official history regarding sangria but it is believed that the “invention” dates from ancient times. Most Mediterranean wines from the classical period were sweetened in some form, and it is probable that during this period sangria (wine + fruit juices) became accepted thanks to its refreshing mixture.

The name “sangria” refers to the color of the wine used: traditional strong red wines with purplish highlights, often found in coastal areas and similar to the color of blood (“sangre” in Spanish means blood). The basic ingredients for sangria were not commonly found in all the Mediterranean countries except for Spain, where they grow in abundance. This is how the tradition survived and how sangria became associated with its Spanish origins.

In Mexico, the tradition of drinking sangria was embraced from colonial times. As part of our cultural heritage, today sangria is one of the drinks of choice for any occasion, and thanks to the non-alcoholic Sangria Señorial, the whole family has been able to enjoy of this delicious tradition for decades now.

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3 reviews for Sangria Senorial

  1. Freshie

    Non-alcoholic soft drink

  2. Red

    Looking for Spanish Drink.. got from here after search on google

  3. Vanita

    Nice drink……. 🙂

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