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Porticopeg Consal Y Chile 10pc 48

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Porticopeg Consal Y Chile 10pc 48


  • Portico – Tico Tico.
  • Powder Candy with salt and chili.
  • Unique fusion of explosive flavors in each candy. 
  • Portico Peg is sweet and spicy multi layered gumball.
  • Original and delicious treat that will leave your tongue tingling with its sour and spicy flavor.
  • Combination of sweet, sour and salty and spicy gumball Candy.
  • So if you love the lollipops, you will surely love these gumballs too.

Porticopeg Consal Y Chile 10pc 48


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De La Rosa

3 reviews for Porticopeg Consal Y Chile 10pc 48

  1. Crystal

    Super good have already reordered it. I use to buy this candy as a kid so I love it and it’s not found at the stores by me

  2. Saint

    Product got here within time it said; product was in good shape; and of course it tasted delicious! THANK YOU!!

  3. Sara

    I would eat the entire bag in one sitting but trying to savor flavors from a long time ago.

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