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Pine Sol 60oz

(3 customer reviews)

Pine Sol 60 Oz


  • EPA registered to disinfect and clean indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Pine scent Pine Sol removes tough grease and dirt.
  • Use on finished hardwood, granite, carpet and more.

Pine Sol 60 Oz.


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3 reviews for Pine Sol 60oz

  1. Sharp Buyer

    This product is terrific for cleaning your home with without such a strong Pine-sol smell.

  2. PlayBoy

    Love that this smells even better than Fabulous BUT IT ACTUALLY disinfects! Love it!

  3. Lord M.

    Smells clean, great scent and kills all germs. And guys, if you’re a bachelor, the girls love it when they come over and see that a man can handle his man cave. They’ll see it as a mature responsible man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

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