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Pepsi Cola 20fl Oz 24pk

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  • Contains caffeine.
  • Aerated drink by pepsi.
  • The original bold, cola flavor.
  • Sweetened carbonated beverage.
  • Try serving over ice with a twist of lemon or lime
  • Perfect for parties, meals, and celebrations big and small.
  • Pepsi’s makes every snack more delectable and every moment more memorable.
  • The bold, refreshing cola born in New Bern, NC in 1898 and still bottled in the USA.
  • Pepsi’s delicious sweet taste along with the fizz adds an extra flavour to other drinks as well.
  • Pepsi Cola is the bold, refreshing cola perfect for parties, meals, and anywhere you need to make a big impression.

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Pepsi’s delectable sweet taste alongside the bubble adds an additional flavor to different drinks too. It makes each nibble progressively flavorful and each minute increasingly important.

A beverage that everyone will relish – Pepsi is a refreshing drink that is ideal for any kind of celebration. Pour yourself a glass of Pepsi and enjoy your weekend.

Enjoy an ice cold Pepsi, the bold, refreshing cola. Pepsi is the official soft drink of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and cola lovers everywhere. Pepsi was born in New Bern, NC in 1898 and is still bottled in the USA today. Perfect for parties, meals, and anywhere you need to make a big impression. This 2L bottle is perfect for sharing refreshing Pepsi anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the refreshing cola taste right out of the can, over ice, or with a twist of lemon or lime. For a classic treat, try serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!



Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caramel Color, Sugar, Phosphoric Acid, Caffeine, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor.


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3 reviews for Pepsi Cola 20fl Oz 24pk

  1. Jayad

    I have been drinking Pepsi since I was a toddler. I’m 51 now. I absolutely have to have Pepsi in bottles. There is no comparison between Pepsi and any other drink.

  2. Natalie

    Pepsi has always been my go to soda of choice. Nothing better than an ice cold Pepsi on a hot day.

  3. Nath

    I prefer Pepsi over coke but I’ll still drink both. I like that it tastes sweeter and feels less carbonated. I like the original flavor, my kids and hubby will drink the wild cherry and any other flavor you give them.

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