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Pennzoil Duct Tape Clear 1’1/2″ 10ft

(3 customer reviews)

  • Each is 1/2″ * 10′ / 1″ * 10′.
  • Base material: Acrylic.
  • Pennzoil Duct Tape Clear length is 3m/10feet.
  • Width: 1/2 inch / 1 inch.
  • Thickness: 0.85 mm / 0.03 inch.

Keep surfaces clean and dry before using the Pennzoil Duct Tape Clear double sided tape. Double sided tape is removable but not reusable and washable. Heavy duty double sided tape are not allowed for fragile surfaces to avoid surface breakages also uneven surfaces. Press it for at least 5 seconds to remove the air between the tape and the surface, so that tape adheres better to the surface.

Each 1 square inch double sided tape can bear 0.5 pounds of weight, if use for heavy and big items you had better to apply as much tape as possible to get more adhesion to fix them firmly.


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3 reviews for Pennzoil Duct Tape Clear 1’1/2″ 10ft

  1. Abhishek Yadav

    The adhesiveness of the tape is sufficient and more than regular good quality duct tape.

  2. Vignesh

    Seems good! Good Quality! Fast Shipping! Cheap Price!

  3. Vipul Singh

    Arrived very quickly. Used it to repair a water butt. So far so good as in my local store.

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