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Octane Booster 12 Oz

(3 customer reviews)


Octane Booster 12 Oz


  • Boosts octane.
  • Dual action formula.
  • Restores horsepower.
  • Cleans the fuel intake system.
  • Boosts octane and helps stop knock and ping.
  • Helps improve sluggish performance, reduce hesitation, smooth rough idle and eliminate stalling.

The STP Octane Booster boosts octane and helps stop knock and ping, restores horsepower, cleans the fuel intake system, prevents hard starting and stops engine run-on.


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3 reviews for Octane Booster 12 Oz

  1. Daniel

    Everything was good with the product and the order.

  2. Mila

    This booster I purchase by the case its the best octane booster on the market and costs less then most others.

  3. Michael

    I have been into motor sports for a long time and have tried most products out there. I have found that
    Johnsen’s is the only company that doesn’t lie to promote sales, every single product they sell works as advertised.

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