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Now & Later Chewy Watermelon $0.25 24ct


  • The delicious watermelon flavored taffy is a classic favorite
  • Open a pack and dive in mouth-first to experience the rush of intense fruit flavor in a new, softer chew
  • Contains 24 packs of candy, each pack contains six individually pieces of taffy
  • Share the Square with friends and family
  • Now & Later fruit chews are a delicious escape from the ordinary
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Don’t be such a square…or do? Now & Later prove that you can be a regular quadrilateral and still be the life of the party! With a candy that starts out firm and fruity and slowly morphs into a soft and chewy treat, Now & Later squares heartily bridge the gap between hard and soft candy! Since its creation in 1962, Now & Later has developed several unique flavors. Some of the most unique were: Rainbow, Thriller, and Blue Jeans. Currently, Now & Later comes in 12 flavors!


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