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Neon 11x 300ml 10.14oz

  • Neon 11x 300ml is a high quality butane at a low cost
  • Ultra refined for maximum care and performance
  • Neon 11x is the highest refined butane for the brand
  • Contains a very low PPM count, beating many other competitors

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Looking for an alternative to Power 5x butane? Look no further – Neon 11x 300ml butane contains less particles than Power 5x at an extremely competitive price. Tested by butane enthusiasts, Neon butane competes with the very best, containing 5 times less particles than Newport, Vector, King, Spark, Fascial, Power, whip-it, and many more. Neon butane even competes with the highly popular Zippo butane, matching or even beating Zippo in PPM tests while being at a lower cost.


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