Nectar Collector Kit


  • SAFE MATERIAL: Made of food-grade, BPA free, non-stick material.All silicone products of are made of high quality material, SAFE and ODORLESS for using.
  • CLEAN: Pour denatured alcohol in a jar. Immerse the product and nail(you can clean nail with fire), then swish the jar. Add a handful of kosher salt and shake vigorously to abrade the film away. Remove from alcohol and rinse with hot water.
  • CONVENIENT: Easy to use and clean, Freezer / Microwave / Dishwasher safe
Sku: H9-1

Reusable Silicone Honey Straw with Water Filtering

Product Information:

* High-quality smell free silicone.

* Quickly heating and cooling, easy to use.

* The Silicone made of food-grade, BPA free, non-stick material.


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Nectar Collector Kit