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Mylar Medium Bags 50ct

  • High Quality Childproof Bag
  • Printed On Both Sides
  • Popular Guava Cake Treehouse Design
  • Vibrant Colors Are Appealing For Retail Sale
  • Mylar Medium Bags is Heat Sealable With Tear Notch
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This long term storage pouch provides a re-closure zipper, gusset bottom designed for stand up storage. This bag is much more than traditional Mylar with superior storage. Mylar is a trade name for a polyester bag material, very low to medium air barrier. Most true Mylar bags have a shelf life of 1-3 years maximum. This is not to say they cannot go a bit longer in ideal temperature environments. There is much to-do on the Internet and via churches about storing foods in “Mylar” for up to 20 year storage.

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