Mark A Lot Black Marker

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Mark A Lot Black Marker


  • Designed to endure harsh conditions and withstand fading, the water resistant and wear resistant ink dries quickly when applied
  • With 30% more ink than the regular black markers, the pack includes 12 larger-sized desk black markers
  • Durable chisel tip markers let you control your line width to write in various sizes
  • Write smoothly on almost any surface with these black markers including cardboard boxes, PVC pipes, concrete walls, plastic bins, and more.
  • Great to create signs, write on poster board, packages, and more, these non-toxic markers are low-odor, ACMI certified and conform to ASTM D4236
Sku: 71709178888

The permanent ink isnt the only thing that lasts with these Marks-A-Lot Large Chisel Tip Markers. Their larger-than-usual size delivers a correspondingly larger ink supply, and the ink is low-odor, nontoxic and certified. The permanent ink marks virtually any surface, including metal and plastic, and resists water and rubbing to minimize smearing. The durable 1/5 chisel tip lets you write with a variety of line widths, from bold, high-visibility strokes to smaller lines. Set includes six black and six red markers. With these long-lasting markers, youll experience enduring satisfaction.


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3 reviews for Mark A Lot Black Marker

  1. down

    Got this for my kid who wanted Sharpies… they are as good as Sharpies at fraction of the price… Marker quality is very good and economical.

  2. Sunny

    The tips are pointed and does not sag very soon

  3. Katty

    Totally a value for money product.

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Mark A Lot Black Marker
Mark A Lot Black Marker