Manzelazo Japanese Style

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Manzelazo Japanese Style


  • Flour Coated Peanuts Japanese.
  • Cacahuate Manzela Estilo Japones Cocktail.
  • Take it Everywhere.
  • Enjoy it Anytime.
  • Anywhere you Want.
  • A Mexican Product.
Sku: 856905003239

Flour Coated Peanuts Japanese Manzela is one of Mexico’s most important manufacturer of snacks and candies mainly made of peanuts. Some of our products are Candy covered Peanut, peanut brittles, Corn chips, toasted pumpkin seeds, fava bean with chili, salted peanuts, peanuts with chili and tamarind candies among others.


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3 reviews for Manzelazo Japanese Style

  1. Daryl

    This is my first time ordering a snack through nimbus. I loooove this brand of peanuts.

  2. Sandra

    These are the perfect snack for me. Tasty, crunchy, with a kick of spice.

  3. Donna

    Headline says a lot about this. I originally got this at a gas station and was wowed by them so I came to Nimbus to get more.

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Manzelazo Japanese Style
Manzelazo Japanese Style