Nimbus Imports

Love Rose

  • Pure hand-blown glass material
  • Heat-resistant glass crafts
  • Fast new design approvals
  • High Quality Material
  • Silk rose in 4″ glass tube
  • Assorted colored flowers

Assorted Tiny Love Roses in Glass Tubes Miniatures. Another unique item from the past! These are tiny silk Love Roses in real 3/8″ X 4″ glass tubes-REAL glass-NOT plastic. The tubes are open on the end so if you wanted and had a small enough pair of tweezers the roses could be removed. #White #Blue #Green #Yellow #Lavender The love rose is one of those romantic novelties. Mark a special occasion, after giving your girl a love rose she will likely crack a smile. The rose is easily removable from either opened end of the glass pipe tube.


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