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Little Trees Air Freshener Pure Steel 24pk

(3 customer reviews)

  • Seductively lush.
  • Strikingly fragrant.
  • Bold, outdoor scent.
  • Hang anywhere freely.
  • One Little Tree per Package.
  • Avoid contact with any surfaces.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Pure Steel.
  • Quick, powerful and long-lasting effectiveness.
  • Freshen up at home or on the road with the original car air freshener.
  • Great to use in laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms, and pet odor areas.
  • The original car air freshener, LITTLE TREES freshens at home and on the road.
  • Specialized proprietary technologies combined with exceptional fragrances deliver long-lasting quality results.
  • Little Trees Air Freshener Pure Steel come in a wide range of product styles and fragrances, like Black Ice, New Car Scent, and Vanilla aroma and popular new fragrances like Caribbean Cola and True North, making it easy to find one you love!


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Little Trees

3 reviews for Little Trees Air Freshener Pure Steel 24pk

  1. Howard

    Great smell, this is the scent I use when detailing vehicles. It is typically a universally appreciated scent, sticks around for a while and gives more of a clean smell to a newly detailed car. Great product.

  2. German E. Rubiano

    The scent is very powerful, definitely recommending to others.

  3. Francis Cherwin

    I mean the longevity of the scent all depends on how you utilize it. It can last up to a month. I love the scent because it’s like a cologne and it smells great.

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