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Light Switch (cordless)

  • Add or Relocate A Switch to Your Lights Without Pulling Wire
  • Create Multi-Location
  • No Electric Leakage No Shock Fit to Damp Environments
  • Remote Switch No Batteries or External Power Required, No App, No Wifi No Bluetooth Connection
  • ADD OR RELOCATE A SWITCH TO YOUR LIGHTS WITHOUT PULLING WIRE to the switch location, make installation quick and save labor and material costs. Easy remodel lights controls for pull-chain light fixture, cupboard lighting, ceiling lights, old house, or anywhere you want to add a switch
  • CREATE MULTI-LOCATION ( three-way or four-way switch ) SWITCHING APPLICATIONS, control house lighting from multi location. Such as 3-way switch for staircase, basement, garage, outdoor, attic, hallway, loft, kitchen lighting. Buy one kit plus one switch to create 3 way switch, one kit plus 2 switches for 4 way switches
  • NO ELECTRIC LEAKAGE NO SHOCK FIT TO DAMP ENVIRONMENTS, kinetic self-powered switch no batteries required or external power connecting, children touching is very safe and nice switch for damp environments application, such as outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, etc


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