Latex Palm Coated Work Gloves 12ct


  • NITRILE COATING: Provides excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance without sacrificing dexterity
  • GLOVE CONSTRUCTION: Lightweight, breathable fabric back keeps hands dry and comfortable while you work
  • WRIST: Stretch knit wrist fits snug, keeping glove secure as you work
  • IDEAL FOR: Mechanics, General Assembly, Construction, Yard work, DIY, Landscaping, and More!
Sku: 90120000

The nitrile coating on the palm helps keep your hands dry, while also resisting punctures, cuts, snags, and abrasion. The gloves have breathable fabric on the back, to keep your hands comfortable. These gloves are perfect for farming, gardening, landscaping, industrial painting, cleaning, and automotive use.




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Latex Palm Coated Work Gloves 12ct