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Kuii Strawberry Flavor 485ml 12ct

(3 customer reviews)

  • All natural ingredients used.
  • Worldwide excellence in quality.
  • 100% Genuine Product.
  • Kuii Strawberry Flavor 12ct.
  • Unique refreshing coconut milk drink.
  • GLUTEN FREE and High Quality Product.

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Unique refreshing coconut milk drink, Coconut milk has been proven to give energy to the body, High in antioxidants, Helps improve digestion, Good source of iron, High in Vitamin E, Boost the immune system and its disease fighting ability, Coconut milk is also soy and GLUTEN FREE


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3 reviews for Kuii Strawberry Flavor 485ml 12ct

  1. Reddy

    Kuii Flavor always rock

  2. White H.

    YUMMY!!! Tasting

  3. Senior M.

    It was good and my favorite I seen it in the store and ordered online. I would try it out it was great. Used to drink on a regular basis.

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