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Krazy Glue All Purpose

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Krazy Glue


  • Insanely versatile all-purpose formula is perfect for everyday household repairs.
  • Bonds crazy strong to ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, metal, leather and more.
  • Precision one-drop applicator for accurate gluing.
  • Handy flat base holds the super glue tube for easy, mess-free storage.

For insanely accurate, absurdly permanent household repairs, depend on Krazy Glue All Purpose Super Glue. Featuring a versatile, super-strong super glue formula that bonds to a wide variety of materials including ceramic, plastic, wood, porcelain, metal, leather and rubber, it’s a great all-purpose glue. Plus, the precision applicator delivers one drip at a time for accurate fixes while the airtight, leak-proof cap prevents the super glue from drying out. The #1 super glue, you can count on Krazy Glue for super strong, crazy fast fixes. Cyanoacrylate containing adhesive.


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3 reviews for Krazy Glue All Purpose

  1. RoboArt 2

    If you can’t get the salon nail glue out of that pinpoint tip, Krazy Glue is a reliable back-up for a silk-tip manicure.

  2. Luna Lovegood

    Best super glue applicator. Works well for small cuts/scrapes as well (though probably not doctor approved)

  3. Jeannette

    I love this brand of adhesive- it works very well and I love the tube with the brush like this one. I’ve used it on many surfaces with no issue.

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