Nimbus Imports

Hand Pipe (#ND00HPAA)

  •  Borosilicate Glass
  •  Buy Multiple and Save!
  •  Colored Glass
  •  Hand Pipe
  •  Highest Quality Materials
  •  Portable
  •  Spoon
  •  Thick Glass

Bowls for smoking.  Nimbus Imports offers a gorgeous variety of glass pipes, hand pipes, and spoons for your smoking pleasure. From simplistic styles to heady designs, we have a pipe to fit your paw.

Hand pipes are the classic, old school smoking device used by your parents and grandparents. Often referred to as smoking a “bowl” our borosilicate glass pipes are perfect for tokers of all kinds.  Unless you are looking for a bubbler, glass hand pipes typically offer you a dry smoke, meaning there is no water based diffusion of your smoke.


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