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Halls Black Cherry 9/20


  • This bulk package contains 20 individually wrapped sticks of HALLS Relief Black Cherry Flavor Cough Drops (9 drops per stick, 180 drops total).
  • Relieve coughs, soothe sore throats, and cool nasal passages with black cherry– flavored cough drops from HALLS, the trusted cough and throat lozenge creators.
  • Get quick relief on the go with these convenient pocket-size sticks. Toss ‘em in bags or purses or keep one in your office drawer, school desk, or car to alleviate irritation anytime, anywhere.
  • HALLS is America’s No. 1 Cough Drop* for a reason: Made with menthol, these drops bring temporary relief to sore throats and coughs triggered by cold and allergy season.

Don’t let a cough or sore throat get you down. Whether you are looking everyday soothing, seasonal symptom relief or nutritional benefits, there is a HALLS for that!




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