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Gasoline Can 1 Gal

(3 customer reviews)


Gasoline Can 1 Gal


  • CARB and EPA compliant.
  • Integrated 20 mesh stainless steel screen.
  • Thumb button control for precise pouring.
  • Attached dust cover keeps your spout clean.
  • 7/8-inch funnel spout fills even the smallest equipment.

The scepter smart control fuel containers are the next generation of rugged gas cans that provide you with a fast and hassle-free experience. This 5 gallon can features a simple spout and flame mitigation device, this product eliminates frustration with an easy-to-use, hard-to-break design with an added layer of protection. The scepter smart control gasoline container also has a squeeze controlled flow rate which makes filling everything from lawnmowers to recreational vehicles a simpler, cleaner, safer experience.

  • Easy to pour – A simple squeeze starts the gas flowing
  • Flows fast, up to 3 gallons per minute, with an integrated air vent in spout
  • Controllable flow rate means no spilling, squeeze less for a little, squeeze more for a lot
  • Great for lawnmowers and other large equipment such as generators and recreational vehicles


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3 reviews for Gasoline Can 1 Gal

  1. Abhishek J.

    I like the safety spout on it. let me pour my gas at my own! They make better ones now with a better nozzle.

  2. Gaurav Mishra

    The container is compact and lightweight, also has a nozzle that allows to empty the liquid more easily

  3. Sunil Kumar

    Well I just received mine. Took it out to the gas station and filled with gas. When I got home notice there was no gas leak and no spill outs.

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