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Garfield Bubble Gum Tape 12ct


  • Brighten up your Mondays with your very own roll of Garfield Gum Tape! It comes in 3 fruity flavors, lasagna not included.
  • This fun Garfield Bubble Gum Tape tastes great and is fun for kids and fans of Garfield!
  • There’s 3 flavours to try; Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Tutti Frutti.
  • here’s a clip on the back of the dispenser, so you can take this with you for fun bubble-blowing action wherever you go!

If you thought Garfield was always on a roll, wait until you try this delicious and luscious bubblegum! Kidsmania Garfield Bubble Gum Tape is a roll of bubble gum that conveniently comes in a cool dispenser. Compact enough to keep in your pocket, eat a piece now and save some for later. Comes in three amazing fruity flavors including Strawberry, Tutti Frutti, and Blue Raspberry. Fun for a birthday party loot bag or to include on a candy buffet. You will love this bubble mania action from Kidsmania, and who on earth couldn’t love Garfield?


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