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Fidget Cube

  • 6 sides of the cube with 6 different features as given below.
  • *Click* Audible and silent buttons with clicks
  • *Flip* Switch button moves back and forth smoothly
  • *Breathe* Modeled like worry stones with smooth and oval shape
  • *Roll* Ball rolls and clickable. Gears are smooth and rollable.
  • *Spin* Dial spins smoothly
  • *Glide* Joystick glides smoothly
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Easy Use:
Great for Adults and Children of all ages. Relieving toy that works great in reducing Stress, Anxiety & Pressure.
(Particularly if you’re trying to quit habits like nail-biting, smoking, etc..). Specially designed for those who can’t keep
their fingers still.

STRESS RELIEVER – Stress relieving toy that works great in reducing Anxiety & Pressure. 6 Sides of the cube had 6 different features (Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll, and Spin) that makes you feel relaxed while playing.
LIGHTWEIGHT – You can carry this lightweight cube anywhere easily.
SOFT RUBBER – Soft textured rubber, smooth finishing, better sounds, high-quality ABS plastic, easy rotation features makes you feel relaxed while playing.

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