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Extendable Car Ice Scraper Snow Brush


  • Knob type telescopic snow brush.
  • Extendable Car Ice Scraper Snow Brush Easy to clean.
  • The brush head can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • Extendable Car Ice Scraper Snow Brush remove the ice and frost from windshield or windows.
  • It can clean places that are difficult to reach with conventional snow brushes.
  • The snow brush is a curved tube design. Thick and Comfortable Foam Grip, easy to hand and control when use it.
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Easily to remove snow from the car windshield, window and body surface. Snow Brush remove ice and snow easily. Ideal for scraping off ice from your vehicle. Extendable Car Ice Scraper Snow Brush is easy to use and also a functional helper for energy saving.


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