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Enshrine Squishy Fruit 12Pcs

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Enshrine Squishy Fruit 12Pcs


  • Material: Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam), slow rising.
  • Colors: Yellow lemon, yellow pineapple, pink peach, red strawberry, yellow banana, red watermelon.
  • It is huge. It is as big as adult hand.
  • It is slow rising and smells like a sweet creamy taste. Children like to squeeze it very much.
  • Cream scented stress toy, also as stress relief toys for giving vent to your emotion
  • In stress, anxiety and distracted can press repeatedly to adjust the mood
  • When you feel tired after working a long time with a computer, you can put your hands on it to relieve fatigue
  • You can make a large simulation of a fruit platter


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3 reviews for Enshrine Squishy Fruit 12Pcs

  1. Hudson

    I bought this squeezing toy for my thumb exercise after an injury which helped me a lot. It is very comfortable, non-toxic, a real stress buster and even kids like the shape, for them it’s a toy.

  2. Mateo

    I have purchased it for myself because I get stressed because of my hectic schedule. But when i opened the package, me and girl both fell in love this cute and but not little squishy fawn.

  3. Thomas

    Nice toy at great price. 🙂

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