Enshrine Animal Toys

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Enshrine Animal Toys


  • Material: Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam), slow rising.
  • Colors: Yellow lemon, yellow pineapple, pink peach, red strawberry, yellow banana, red watermelon.
  • It is huge. It is as big as adult hand.
  • It is slow rising and smells like a sweet creamy taste. Children like to squeeze it very much.
Sku: YX-8811
  • Cream scented stress toy, also as stress relief toys for giving vent to your emotion.
  • In stress, anxiety and distracted, can press repeatedly to adjust the mood.
  • When you feel tired after working a long time with computer, you can put your hands on it to relieve fatigue.
  • You can make a large simulation of fruit platter.


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3 reviews for Enshrine Animal Toys

  1. Owen Baker

    My daughter is very much fond on animals and she really loved these. Material is quite good and I personally like the Detailing. Overall a nice product for your kids collection.

  2. Mason

    Product is fine in terms of quality, finish and the animals included are very cute

  3. Gabriel Jerry

    Though it has lot of animals, but the quality is great.

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Enshrine Animal Toys
Enshrine Animal Toys