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Duct Tape 45mm X 914mm

  • Water Resistance Tape
  • Sealing Heating And Ventilation Ducts
  • Strong, flexible, and very sticky tape
  • Almost Can Be Used For Multi Purpose Applications.
  • Maintains adhesion strength in cold, hot, or humid environments
  • Duct Tape are easily removable without damaging the surface
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Duct Tape is a pressure-sensitive tape with a cloth or scrim backing and a polyethylene coating. You can trust to seal, mask bundle, hold, patch reinforce, repair and more. It is perfect for household repair box sealing and bounding and everyday use. Heat-resistant foil tape is a version that can be used to seal heating and cooling ducts because regular duct tape’s adhesive fails and the synthetic fabric reinforcing mesh deteriorates when used on heating ducts. Duct tape has evolved into a multifunctional product that can be used for everything from general sealing to fixing holes, packing boxes, and repairs. This tape can stick to a variety of rough and uneven interior and outdoor surfaces, including wood, stone, plaster, brick, and metal.


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